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Retreat with Doug and Brigitte
Breathe in the Mid-Summer 
Saturday17th and Sunday 18th of June 2017
with BRS meeting on the 17th of June
Boulsbury Wood Cottage, Dorset
Brigitte and Doug invite all students and graduates and their partners and babies! to join us in an AIR reunion at Doug and Lizzie's beautiful home in Dorset.  
We will celebrate the midsummer with breathing : 
in the Woods, 
iin the Yurt 
or round the Fire-Pit.  
There will be Lizzie's delicious cooking, and time to share about your journey and to give and receive support. 
There is no charge for the celebration, just a contribution for food.  
We hope you all can make it.
With love x
2 Breathing Retreats at Angel House with Brigitte

30th of June - 2nd of July 
28th - 30th of July

Angel House, Tedburn St Mary, Devon

Conscious Breathing - Walks on Dartmoor – Finding our Inner Guide
The South-west of England has a very ancient and magical charm that caringly supports the initiation to breathwork and the emerging of our many hidden potentials. It is with great pleasure that I invite you to my Summer Retreats at Angel House, my home at the door of Dartmoor National Park. Angel House is a venue ideally conducive both to our inner journey, and journeys of discovery of Devon’s stunning natural beauty.
Throughout the retreat, we will have the opportunity to become familiar with conscious breathing (rebirthing) and we will also let our mind unwind as we allow ourselves to be “enchanted” by the surrounding nature during guided walks. Gently, we will surrender to our divine nature and experience a new trust in Life, perceptible on all levels of body, mind and spirit.
Through activities such as meditation, relaxation, walks and sharing circles, we will explore and strengthen the way we express our unique essence in the world.
These retreats are open to everyone. No prior experience with the breath is required. 
For more information and contact details, click here.

Breathwork in Scotland with AIR Graduate John Paul Mason
Breathwork Weekend Retreat in Perthshire, Scotland
For more information, click here
Deep Healing and Relaxation  and retreat with AIR Graduate Jacqui Storm
Chesil Beach, Portland, Dorset                                       For more information, click here
Breathwork with Emily Belfrage
091 797644              083 442 8458                                 For more information, click here
Doug Sawyer                   07748 096834                 
Brigitte Martin Powell     01647 270081
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