This 6 day Retreat is for those seeking a space in your life to give yourself time to reflect on
where you are, and where you wish to be.
Using the support of the group through a series of processes, you will experience feeling
empowered to make the changes necessary to deliver your heart's desire.

The RETREAT will follow the AIR Training schedule
where there will be a Breathwork session each day plus instruction
of how to develop your own practice of Conscious Connected Breathing 
and integrate it into your life. 


 Join us in 2019
                                               1 - 8   February     2019
                                               31 May - 7 June     2019

                                               4 - 11 October        2019

Click here AIR_Registration_Form_(1).docx to book your place on a Retreat.

Maximum 12 participants

Price 850 including tuition, board and lodgeing

Doug Sawyer                   07748 096834                 
Brigitte Martin Powell     01647 270081
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