Professional Rebirther Training

For those wishing to train as a professional Rebirther, the A.I.R. training offers you a chance to learn skills and theory, and gain hands-on experience that will lead you directly towards your goal. 


Professional Training Qualifications

The A.I.R. Training is divided into four one-week modules, which are offered over one year and can be taken in any order. It is followed by one year of supervised practice. 
At the completion of the A.I.R. professional training course, you receive
                                      the Avalon Institute of Rebirthing Diploma
which fulfills the pre-requisites for Rebirther training of
the British Rebirthing Society (BRS) and the Global Professional Breathwork Alliance (GPBA).
You are then in a position to apply for Practitioner status with the British Rebirth Society. 
Full BRS membership offers you professional insurance and an opportunity to be part of the Rebirthing Community in the UK.

Training Modules

The Sacred Breath module
The Sacred Love module
The Sacred Life module
The Sacred Path module

Supervision Programme  

Following the completion of your Rebirther training, A.I.R. course leaders will support you through a year of supervised Rebirther practice, and once fully qualified, will assist you in becoming an affiliated BRS or GPBA practitioner if you so wish.  You will be invited to assist the AIR trainers on one of the week-long trainings to deepen your skills as a Rebirther and communicator.
In addition to this formal support, your involvement with A.I.R. and the collaborative nature in which we work, will give you an instant community of friends and mentors, providing you with a supportive and caring network.

Course Content

The following areas are covered on the A.I.R. course: 

Background to Rebirthing

Principles of Rebirthing and the use of your breath
The power of your thoughts, goal setting and visualisations
Dry, cold and hot water, mirror, eye gaze Rebirthing
The origin of negative beliefs

Pre-birth, and past life influences
Dealing with your own issues
Money, intimacy, relationship and addiction issues
Developing your own positive outlook
Developing inner stillness

Developing your intuition

Counselling skills, people skills
Rebirthing vs other psychological approaches
Ethics and code of conduct
Setting up your own practice, taking on clients
Developing your own style of work
Public speaking and running groups
Giving and receiving peer support

The A.I.R. training programme is multi-dimensional, involving lectures (by A.I.R. trainers and invited guests), breathing sessions and group sharing.  It also includes practice in the creative arts, movement, silence, meditation, karma yoga, play and more. The proximity of National Parks and coastline allows for working with the natural elements in breathtaking surroundings.

Modules focusing on your own personal growth and self awareness will build a solid foundation for you to work from, and counselling and breathing skills will be developed through direct experience with others.  However practical discussion and instruction to do with managing a business and dealing with challenging customers will also be held, enabling you to form a good basis from which to launch your career as a successful professional Rebirther.
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