February 2019 

The Sacred Path Module has been transformational and has quite literally showed me the path in which I am headed.

This Module has really pushed the boundaries of my thinking, which was quite literally intense at times – but with the comfort of knowing that I was in the safest of places to process this quick and radical growth spurt.

Many thanks to Brigitte and Doug for the magical and supportive space that they have created once again for myself and my comrades this week.

What an amazing week!
This was my first Module and I leave it with a tangible sense of having found myself after years of questing.  I literally feel it at a cellular level.
What a relief!!
The experience of rebirthing other members of the group has been a privilege and also something of a revelation - finally some way to channel my surfeit of love and energy in a productive and powerful way.
Emma xx


November 2018 

Rebirthing has literally been a life changing experience for me. Having done inner emotional healing work for the last 14 years the nurture and care I received during the rebirthing training with AIR and the caring family dynamic have enabled me to maintain greater present moment awareness without the distraction of so many earlier patterns emerging. For the first time in my life I feel complete as I am.

Many thanks to Brigitte and Doug for holding such a beautifully transformative space for us to grow.

With much Gratitude and Best wishes
Alison x


My week on the AIR module was extremely powerful and has left me a different person.  The group is very containing whilst stretching you to explore key elements of your inner world, Doug and Brigitte are experienced and excellent leaders, the setting is beautiful with all the healing nature offers, and the food is wholesome and delicious.  Thank you for a very precious week.

Best wishes 



March 2018

This was my first week of training with AIR and I could not be more delighted with it all. Actually I feel I have found a new family, whilst also diving deeply underneath old patterns and learning so much about breathwork. It is hard to condense it all because it has been such rich experience. Brigitte and Doug hold the space in such a pristine, generous yet lighthearted way and that made everything feel so safe that it has enabled me to go into some of the deepest issues that have been holding me back.
I will definitely be coming back.



A week of self exploration in a safe, accepting and loving environment supported by experienced and knowledgeable teachers and a lovely group of people on a similar journey.
Rebirthing is a powerful method for self development and I can warmly recommend AIR Rebirther training to anyone interested in personal growth or becoming a professional rebirther.



This has been the most joyous week, full of laughter, friendliness, kindness. There has been a constant sense of being held in a safe space.
I wish I could bottle the essence of this week. I would have a few drops of this essence everyday for the rest of my life.


October 2017

I have recently obtained my diploma for Rebirth/breath work with AIR (Avalon Institute of Rebirthing) run by Doug Sawyer and Brigitte Martin Powell and this is something I am extremely proud of.
I started the programme in October 2015 by attending the ‘Sacred Love’ module which was a 7 day retreat on the Devon coast. This was the start of a wonderful journey of internal exploration and also the beginnings of learning the process and power of conscious connected breathing, a particular style of breathing that opens the internal doorways to our inner memories and emotions. Over the course of two years I have attended the ‘Sacred Breath’, ‘Sacred Path’ and the ‘Sacred Life’ modules all held in stunning locations on the Devon coast.
Each module captures the same qualities with insightful teaching from Brigitte and Doug who share their many years of expertise and effortlessly create an environment of security and safety where we students bond and unite and genuinely feel like a family. The days begin with a session of meditation and then we have teaching and learning in the mornings. In the afternoons we practice the rebirthing process on each other, this can involve cold and warm water rebirthing (use of a hot tub is available), breathing outside in the sunshine or down at the beach edge. In the evenings there is time to share our autobiographies and presentations that are a requirement of the practice. This is all done with great support for one another and by the end of the day we usually collapse into our beds feeling full of the day’s events - at times processing the emotions that have surfaced both through the deep breath work but also from the natural opening up of ourselves that takes place within the group.
It must also be said that during the groups I have been a part of, I have felt great bonds of friendship surface through our sharing of life stories but also through the fun and joy we have together away from our normal lives, which is a wonderful bonus to the week.
The modules also provide an opportunity to feel nurtured and looked after particularly by the delicious food that is provided by Lizzie the ‘cook’ – she serves a variety of vegetarian dishes that are bursting with flavours and spices, are generous in portions and are wholesome and comforting.
During my Rebirth retreats I have learned so much about myself which has continued long after the weeks are finalised and I have been guided to support clients through this powerful process with confidence.
Doug and Brigitte are still providing me with support and I am now a member of the British Rebirth Society. It has been a wonderful journey of self discovery that has led me to work with clients and share the skills and passion for breath work that Doug and Brigitte have inspired in me and I thank them both for their very creative and empowering style of teaching.

With much love and gratitude.
Louise Jay-Evans


February 2017 

Big thank yous for all the wonderful work you do. I hope you get the chance to take stock and realise the magnitude of what's rippling out into the world as the AIR family expands outwards. The skills you continue to pass on really are essential for these confusing times and for once, I feel equipped to navigate them (!). Still feeling the benefits and facing life's challenges with a million new perspectives. So forever grateful and remembering to breathe. xxx
(from Rob on completion of his assisting module)

What a gift this week was. Each day was full of blessings. Each day brought new insights, dimensions, adventures and experiences, fun, laughter and friendship, as well as profound healing. I am amazed at what is possible to access and transform through the breath alone, and of course, within the safe, open and nurturing space that Doug, Brigitte, the team and participants create. It fulfilled a deep longing to connect to myself, others and nature. I am truly grateful for all I received, experienced, learnt and shared this week, and I’m taking it with me now, on the rest of my life journey, which will, as a result, be more full of love, beauty, gratitude and connection to all there is.
(from Kath on completion of her first module)

I recently attended the "Sacred Love" Module with A.I.R at Battisborough House in Devon. I started Rebirthing in 2011 and have recently joined A.I.R as a student to complete my breath work Apprenticeship with the BRS. The venue is amazing with a really nice energy, set in a peaceful location for relaxing into deep transformation work. The coarse content although familiar to me was enlightening and I learned a lot about myself and gained useful knowledge that I feel will benefit me greatly on my path to becoming a full time practitioner. The group size was perfect with a good mix of energies. Doug and Brigitte lead the group well and held space excellently. This combined with delicious healthy food, swimming in the sea and not to forget a week of breathing, left me returning home relaxed, happy and fulfilled. I would like to thank Doug and Brigitte and all the students who attended this AIR module for a week I will remember for a long time to come. I would recommend this training program to anyone interested in becoming a breath work practitioner.
Love, James Craig
May 2016
I have spent the last 10 years doing personal development training which has all helped enormously, but have never experienced such a sense of depth and completion during a retreat. Doug and Brigitte are amazing facilitators and hold an incredible space to bring new life to all those who came.
I have found that patterns that have been with me my whole life have been resolved, integrating a new understanding of who I am so that I can move forwards in freedom.
A. Jowett
A week full of surprises, a lot of moving, awareness, light energy, purity, joy, GOOD VIBES...
In short, a GREAT JOURNEY in a wonderful venue - Grace M.
The week at Battisborough House with AIR was on of the most incredible weeks of my life. 
So welcoming, so beautiful and so peaceful.
It is amazing that such a simple process as breathwork can allow you to explore so much about yourself. 
Like a breath of fresh air.
Kerry W.

February 2015 

Doug and Brigitte - such wonderful characters overflowing with integrity. You held the space with so much sensitivity and respect so as not to dilute the process. This was palpable throughout and made the experience all the more potent. THANK YOU.” Rob
I have completed the AIR training with Doug and Brigitte. This training has profoundly changed me and opened me up as a human being. I have now a lust for life and a steadiness of mind followed by a sense of peace.
I love the AIR training and I love the trainers and the cooks providing the most amazing food. It’s the only place I eat to my heart’s content and still don’t put on weight!
As a professional training, I feel AIR has given me the confidence and competence to work as a Rebirther. The training is professional and personal. It is by all means a 5 star training.
I feel blessed by having completed this training and 100% nurtured by Doug and Brigitte.
Jacqui Storm
I have just returned from my first AIR module, run by Brigitte and Doug and it genuinely was a life changing experience.
The structure and content of the course was great. More challenging emotional sessions were balanced well with discussions on practical issues. Doug and Brigitte created a safe environment where I felt able to trust fully and throw myself into the process. I experienced some real low points whilst I was there but the love and support I received from both the trainers and assistants, as well as the other students, truly touched my heart. It really felt like the beginning of an exciting journey, and I am so excited about the next module.
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