March 2018

This was my first week of training with AIR and I could not be more delighted with it all. Actually I feel I have found a new family, whilst also diving deeply underneath old patterns and learning so much about breathwork. It is hard to condense it all because it has been such rich experience. Brigitte and Doug hold the space in such a pristine, generous yet lighthearted way and that made everything feel so safe that it has enabled me to go into some of the deepest issues that have been holding me back.
I will definitely be coming back.


A week of self exploration in a safe, accepting and loving environment supported by experienced and knowledgeable teachers and a lovely group of people on a similar journey.
Rebirthing is a powerful method for self development and I can warmly recommend AIR Rebirther training to anyone interested in personal growth or becoming a professional rebirther.


This has been the most joyous week, full of laughter, friendliness, kindness. There has been a constant sense of being held in a safe space.
I wish I could bottle the essence of this week. I would have a few drops of this essence everyday for the rest of my life.

October 2017

I have recently obtained my diploma for Rebirth/breath work with AIR (Avalon Institute of Rebirthing) run by Doug Sawyer and Brigitte Martin Powell and this is something I am extremely proud of.

I started the programme in October 2015 by attending the ‘Sacred Love’ module which was a 7 day retreat on the Devon coast. This was the start of a wonderful journey of internal exploration and also the beginnings of learning the process and power of conscious connected breathing, a particular style of breathing that opens the internal doorways to our inner memories and emotions. Over the course of two years I have attended the ‘Sacred Breath’, ‘Sacred Path’ and the ‘Sacred Life’ modules all held in stunning locations on the Devon coast.

Each module captures the same qualities with insightful teaching from Brigitte and Doug who share their many years of expertise and effortlessly create an environment of security and safety where we students bond and unite and genuinely feel like a family. The days begin with a session of meditation and then we have teaching and learning in the mornings. In the afternoons we practice the rebirthing process on each other, this can involve cold and warm water rebirthing (use of a hot tub is available), breathing outside in the sunshine or down at the beach edge. In the evenings there is time to share our autobiographies and presentations that are a requirement of the practice. This is all done with great support for one another and by the end of the day we usually collapse into our beds feeling full of the day’s events - at times processing the emotions that have surfaced both through the deep breath work but also from the natural opening up of ourselves that takes place within the group.

It must also be said that during the groups I have been a part of, I have felt great bonds of friendship surface through our sharing of life stories but also through the fun and joy we have together away from our normal lives, which is a wonderful bonus to the week.

The modules also provide an opportunity to feel nurtured and looked after particularly by the delicious food that is provided by Lizzie the ‘cook’ – she serves a variety of vegetarian dishes that are bursting with flavours and spices, are generous in portions and are wholesome and comforting.

During my Rebirth retreats I have learned so much about myself which has continued long after the weeks are finalised and I have been guided to support clients through this powerful process with confidence.

Doug and Brigitte are still providing me with support and I am now a member of the British Rebirth Society. It has been a wonderful journey of self discovery that has led me to work with clients and share the skills and passion for breath work that Doug and Brigitte have inspired in me and I thank them both for their very creative and empowering style of teaching.

With much love and gratitude.
Louise Jay-Evans

February 2017 at Battisborough House "Sacred Love" Module
Big thank yous for all the wonderful work you do. I hope you get the chance to take stock and realise the magnitude of what's rippling out into the world as the AIR family expands outwards. The skills you continue to pass on really are essential for these confusing times and for once, I feel equipped to navigate them (!). Still feeling the benefits and facing life's challenges with a million new perspectives. So forever grateful and remembering to breathe. xxx
(from Rob on completion of his assisting module)

What a gift this week was. Each day was full of blessings. Each day brought new insights, dimensions, adventures and experiences, fun, laughter and friendship, as well as profound healing. I am amazed at what is possible to access and transform through the breath alone, and of course, within the safe, open and nurturing space that Doug, Brigitte, the team and participants create. It fulfilled a deep longing to connect to myself, others and nature. I am truly grateful for all I received, experienced, learnt and shared this week, and I’m taking it with me now, on the rest of my life journey, which will, as a result, be more full of love, beauty, gratitude and connection to all there is.
(from Kath on completion of her first module)

I recently attended the "Sacred Love" Module with A.I.R at Battisborough House in Devon. I started Rebirthing in 2011 and have recently joined A.I.R as a student to complete my breath work Apprenticeship with the BRS. The venue is amazing with a really nice energy, set in a peaceful location for relaxing into deep transformation work. The coarse content although familiar to me was enlightening and I learned a lot about myself and gained useful knowledge that I feel will benefit me greatly on my path to becoming a full time practitioner. The group size was perfect with a good mix of energies. Doug and Brigitte lead the group well and held space excellently. This combined with delicious healthy food, swimming in the sea and not to forget a week of breathing, left me returning home relaxed, happy and fulfilled. I would like to thank Doug and Brigitte and all the students who attended this AIR module for a week I will remember for a long time to come. I would recommend this training program to anyone interested in becoming a breath work practitioner.
Love, James Craig
May 2016
I have spent the last 10 years doing personal development training which has all helped enormously, but have never experienced such a sense of depth and completion during a retreat. Doug and Brigitte are amazing facilitators and hold an incredible space to bring new life to all those who came.
I have found that patterns that have been with me my whole life have been resolved, integrating a new understanding of who I am so that I can move forwards in freedom.
A. Jowett
A week full of surprises, a lot of moving, awareness, light energy, purity, joy, GOOD VIBES...
In short, a GREAT JOURNEY in a wonderful venue - Grace M.
The week at Battisborough House with AIR was on of the most incredible weeks of my life. 
So welcoming, so beautiful and so peaceful.
It is amazing that such a simple process as breathwork can allow you to explore so much about yourself. 
Like a breath of fresh air.
Kerry W.
October 2015

What a stimulating, enlightening and valuable experience this module has been for me. I'm still processing it all and will be for some time. Thank you for your valuable insight throughout the program. I felt at all times I was in a very professional environment. At the same time there was a very organic flow to it all and the quality of the setting , food and program were exceptional.
Many thanks.

February 2015 "Sacred Path" Module in Thurlestone

“It's difficult to find the words to express the aftermath, other than to say thanks to each and every one of you for your surrender, humility, humour and support throughout the process. So many lightbulb moments and the equivalent of a decade of psychotherapy tied up in a single breath (give or take a few). However, the most reassuring thing of all is that I don't have to 'do' anything with all this new found insight (as is so often the case when applied to the familiar new age/struggle cosmology, commonly packaged up as 'self improvement'.) The gift is in flowing and the outcome is unimportant but the real challenge is in remembering to breathe.

Doug and Brigitte - such wonderful characters overflowing with integrity. You held the space with so much sensitivity and respect so as not to dilute the process. This was palpable throughout and made the experience all the more potent. THANK YOU.” Rob

Assisting on the AIR Training module has been an exquisite journey of profound and gentle unfoldment. Supported and held beautifully by the trainers, set in a perfect location close to nature and nourished with delicious food.
I have completed the AIR training with Doug and Brigitte. This training has profoundly changed me and opened me up as a human being. I have now a lust for life and a steadiness of mind followed by a sense of peace.
I love the AIR training and I love the trainers and the cooks providing the most amazing food. It’s the only place I eat to my heart’s content and still don’t put on weight!
As a professional training, I feel AIR has given me the confidence and competence to work as a Rebirther. The training is professional and personal. It is by all means a 5 star training.
I feel blessed by having completed this training and 100% nurtured by Doug and Brigitte.
Jacqui Storm
This is my 3rd module of a fantastic journey through life. How many places and people and energies I have met… and did not notice… and did not understand. Breathe in… breathe out… inhale… exhale… feel… feel!
Clarity, yes that is the gift I got; emotional awareness… safety with my emotions… and safety with my actions.
Clarity, light, joy! Breathe… breathe them all in you!
Carlo Ludovico Maini M.D.
I have attended 2 modules of the AIR rebirther training and would thoroughly recommend it to anyone interested in exploring self-development through rebirthing breathwork.
The group context of the training is skilfully supported by both trainers, Doug and Brigitte, so group work feels safe and well supervised.
Each module is well structured and full of useful information, with plenty of time for questions and contributions from the participants. But there is also time for enjoyment of each other’s company, good food, beautiful countryside and a loving, caring atmosphere.
If you are thinking about exploring rebirthing training, I do hope you will come and explore with an AIR module.
It is difficult to put into words the depth of understanding that the energy of the breath revealed to me, of my Self and my most profound connection to the Eternal Spirit. Thank you, Doug and Brigitte, for holding such a magical, loving space where this could happen.
I have just returned from my first AIR module, run by Brigitte and Doug and it genuinely was a life changing experience.
The structure and content of the course was great. More challenging emotional sessions were balanced well with discussions on practical issues. Doug and Brigitte created a safe environment where I felt able to trust fully and throw myself into the process. I experienced some real low points whilst I was there but the love and support I received from both the trainers and assistants, as well as the other students, truly touched my heart. It really felt like the beginning of an exciting journey, and I am so excited about the next module.
December 2014
Sometimes something comes along in our lives that is just the right thing at the right time. I consider this to have been the rebirthing training with AIR. 
I consider one of the biggest gifts that rebirthing has given me is a reminder of my innate capacity to love. I re-membered that most tender and sweetest part of me that had gone underground due to life's ups and downs. This uncovering was very unnerving and yet I felt held beautifully by Doug and Brigitte as I dared to show this part to myself and begin to weave it back into my life. 
I feel as if I am only just beginning to understand the profound ways in which we can use the breath - as in rebirthing - to heal. As well as a healing tool it is also a map back to our Soul.  This is one of the reasons why I love rebirthing is that it isn't all about healing but also about re-finding those parts of ourselves that are already whole - we just need a way to contact them and the breath seems to be the simplest yet most profound way to get there. I have experienced this both personally and with people who I have worked with.
The journey of the AIR course was incredible on a personal level. At the beginning of the course I just had a vague inkling, an intuition, that this would be a good thing to explore. I actually didn't like the breathing as my breath was constrained and clunky - I had huge resistance to it! But sometimes it is worth listening to the intuition rather than the resistance as I see now that the resistance was only a fear of positive change and my own inner world. Now that I have finished the training I am having the delight and honour to be working in this way with other people - and getting paid for it! It has enabled me to travel and meet inspiring people. It really has opened doors in myself, in the way I work and relate with people in ways that I could not have anticipated at the beginning of the course. 
Doug provides a strong and fiercely protective male presence with a sword of insight and support; Brigitte a motherly feminine quality that you can splash around and bask in. Both have a deep love for and mastery of rebrithing that is woven into their course along with practical information, skills, tools and encouragement to become a competent rebirther whilst also undergoing a profound personal journey.
If anyone would like to contact me and talk more about the training and my experiences then I am really happy to be contacted. I  totally 100% recommend training to be a rebirther at AIR. Life-changing? Yes. Worth it? Absolutely. 
Email me if you'd like on: embelf@hotmail.com
Emily Belfrage - rebirther!
October 2014
Sacred life was my first module and I will be back for the next one! Doug and Brigitte complement each other very well and provide professional loving support in a safe space where true transformation can take place. I love conscious breathing and I highly recommend it!
May 2014, Thurlestone, "Sacred Love" Module
An amazing experience - Rebirthing is a quite powerful tool to move hidden disowned emotions back to perception - This was made possible by the special atmosphere that was around me and the feel of safety - Yes, I do like it! Yes, I recommend it!.
Carlo Ludovico Maini, MD PhD.
What a journey! Amazing. The training was a well organized, fun filled experience, held in a safe and loving space, facilitated with love and integrity by Brigitte and Doug, 2 very special people!
Mary C.
Doug and Brigitte created and held a wonderful, safe space where I was able to do valuable and profound work on myself.
Brigitte and Doug hold the space beautifully - I've been safe to experience such a deep journey of transformation with them - I wouldn't hesitate to recommend the course.
Liz A. Bristol
The training was a deep and delightful process of unfoldment and surrender into LOVE. 
The location was a light and spacious house, secluded right next to the purifying and salty sea and the nourishing vegetarian food was totally divine.

October 2012, Dartmoor, "Sacred Breath" Module

Authentic and heartfelt support by
facing challenges of inside and outside world
room for transformation, healing and growing
Thank you from my heart

I have had a wonderful week with Doug and Brigitte and the rest of the group. I felt safe and comfortable although nervous in myself at the start.
I received a lot of healing from the breathing sessions and was allowed to be myself, and felt non-judgement and total acceptance from everyone.
I feel more confident and more connection with myself and my feelings. I will definitely consider doing another week of this work. Thank you all.

The quality of your tuition was excellent. I enjoyed the variety, the opportunities you presented to individuals in the group to shine, the acknowledgement you gave those who would benefit by it, the holding of respectful boundaries, the holding of a loving space, your flexibility in responding to what was needed at the time and your firm yet light touch in running the group. Brigitte and yourself modelled, naturally, a respectful and loving relationship. I liked the way Brigitte especially, moved between openess and vulnerability and being herself, on the one hand, and the professional presentation of the course work. I felt that I was challenged, appropriately, around my need for attention, my sometimes inappropriate rebelliousness, failing to be in a respectful place and talking too much! I felt that, without it being something of discussion or analysis that I was being encouraged towards humility, appropriateness and respect for individuals and the group space. I was left a little confused as to the timing of interventions and the amount of them. I have sort of resolved this by adding that everyone is different and every session is different and that the key is in trusting my intuition and knowing that whatever I do is perfect. And that I am constantly learning. Overall, you both brought out the best in us all, I think. And in a joyfilled, celebratory way!


Inspirational, awesome – a journey through the Devon countryside and exploration of the inner-self.
Deepening of the breath to bring awareness and deepen the connection with others.
A wholesome week with wholesome food – bringing a sense of wholeness with ones life and purpose and others one shares the journey with.
A supportive community of like-minded individuals- sharing fun and adventures through exploration of the self and internal and external worlds.

I was
healing my heart
opening my heart
loving and living with
my beautiful heart
Thank you Brigitte, Doug and the AIR family

I find it difficult to put feelings
into words however I am so glad
I committed myself to this
experience – the journey, the change, 
the adventure, presence, passion
as it is.

Brigitte and Doug guide coach and encourage each member of the group with loving support and boundaries that are clear and consistent .
2 beautiful committed people that take on a journey of self exploration with our selves and others.
They nurture our excellence and cherish our vulnerability. I have been able to reveal myself to myself through their fierce and gentle , loving attention. I am forever grateful for thes gift they have give me.

I was surprised with the amount of care and detail to attention Doug and Brigitte gave. That In itself opened my heart in respect and I FELT SAFE


I felt my great pain in a safe and supported environment and because I COULD Fully let it go I COULD THEN GO ON. TO BUILD SOMETHING NEW WITHIN ME AND FEEL GOOD AND WHOLE FROM ALL THE INSIGHT I HAVE RECEIVED

I can truly say that I have never felt so loved and supported and 100 safe in a group, I feel immense gratitude and happiness

thank you

October 2011, Exmoor "Sacred Love" Module

I´m so grateful that my guidance brought me to this training, as it is amazing how this first module affected my life in a very positive way. I feel incredible peaceful and so much love after this week, no matter which challenges appear.
Doug and Brigitte held such a beautiful and supportive space, that I could go to very deep unresolved places in myself and felt safe to do that.
I love the fact that you can experience a man and a woman working together in such wonderful way, complementing each other with their different skills.
They helped me to turn my weaknesses into strength and see my individual gifts.
The whole group felt like a loving family supporting each other in every aspect.
I already feel excitement about the next module in February.
With Gratitude

A sense of connection and freedom is what I have experienced after just one week of training. The group was wonderful and the trainers support and presence unconditional. The transformation happening is very profound and I feel that there is no turning back for me. I have now made some room for the real me and people are noticing it. They tell me that I look different and that they sense peace in me. They all want to know what it is that I have done and I tell them that I have been reborn and learned to breathe again. It is good to be here! Thank you for the AIR :-D

Just came home after an intensive Rebirthing week with Brigitte, Doug and the rest of the breath family.
I´m surprised how GOOD I feel, I´m so HAPPY. It seems like some emotional baggage was released
during that week we shared together. And what replaced the baggage was pure JOY and LOVE.
- I think I´m falling in love with myself. It´s a journey, and I´m on my way there:)
THANK YOU, and looking forward the next module together.
Anja from Finland



February 2011, Ashburton Module
I have done many self development courses and many trainings. This ties both of these up in one bundle. Amazing and healing revelations of the self are inevitable with Doug and Brigitte. Throughout the week they hold, guide, listen so completely and skillfully that everyone finds themselves going deeper and deeper to unknown and beautiful places. At the same time they are clearly and professionally delivering an high standard course to develop the skills and confidence to become competent rebirthers. Its Magic! I am more than happy to talk to anyone who has the slightest inkling to dip their toe into this weird, wonderful and unfathomably profound world of rebirthing and breathwork. My advice? Go for it!
Emily B
April 2010, Exmoor Module

Another week with Doug and Brigitte. This has been an extra-ordinary journey of conversation, sharing, love, support, deep work, and strong insights.
Doug and Brigitte hold a powerful space for learning. The depth of their teaching and absolute commitment to the participants is what makes for such a powerful experience and we do beyond what it is we think we need to learn. They are right on the button throughout. 
The structure of this course includes a huge amount of support and if you really want to learn Rebirthing and become a Rebirther they will take you all the way.

John Paul M


Doug and Brigitte provide a wonderful bubble of safe space in which their students can experience a continuous stream of inner revelations where we are witness to the miraculous process of our own and everyone else's opening to the divine light. A powerful life changing amazing experience.
Mandy B

A.I.R. Retreat Testimonials

The simplicity of the breath
Reveals itself in
The rainbow colours of the morning sky.
There are no doors,
For all the walls, 
That held the doors in place,
Have faded, 
As though they never stood at all. 

I set off together with a friend to Devon to be among strangers in a most peaceful and idyllic setting. When I arrived I was made to feel very welcome and considered whether on the Module or on Retreat. The mornings I had to myself and I spent them walking in the beautiful surrounding countryside, reading or when needed helping out my friend in the kitchen.
During the afternoons I joined the others on the module for Rebirthing sessions fully supported by Brigitte and Doug who make a most remarkable and sensitive energy together as they facilitate the group members in experiencing their individual paths through the power of the breath.
After dinner the evenings were light hearted, a film and a dance class were just two of the options. The last afternoon was spent on a north Devon beach and a fantastic and exhilarating swim in the Atlantic Ocean.
The following morning I left with the others feeling very enriched having just opened another door onto my life path but knowing that I did not have to pass through it alone.
The strangers had now become my friends and I am glad that I listened to my inner voice and took time out for myself, only good can come of it.


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