Rebirther Training - Dates and Fees


The four one-week residential A.I.R. modules are offered over one year. 
They are followed by another year of apprenticeship and supervision.

Dates of our upcoming Rebirther Training modules

Module:  ADVANCE MODULE                             31 May - 7 June     2019
Module : SACRED BREATH                                  4 - 11 October      2019
Module : SACRED LOVE                                      7 - 15 
February     2020
Module : SACRED LIFE                                             1 - 8  May         2020
Module:  SACRED PATH                                          2 - 9 October     2020


Our venues are chosen carefully to provide you with the perfect secluded environment for growth and enjoyment. They are beautiful properties of the West Country and Wales, in peaceful surroundings, near places of exceptional beauty such as National Parks, Sea-Side locations or special points of power. 

With a full provision of delicious vegetarian/vegan food prepared by our in-house chef, you will be sure to come away from the experience feeling refreshed, invigorated and empowered.


Training Module Fees 2019 - 2020 

1st training year: 

Four training modules (can be taken in any order, at any time):
   - the Sacred Breath                                 850
   - the Sacred Love                                    850
   - the Sacred Life                                      850
   - the Sacred Path                                     850

TOTAL Cost 1st training year                                                                      3400

These fees include food and accommodation.

Note: These modules can be taken in the order that suits you best.
You may attend them one at a time. No need to commit to the whole training.

2nd training year:

At Least One Assisting module                                                           350 per module
where your revisit any of the training module as an AIR assistant

Monthly supervision to be arranged with either Brigitte or Doug
when you start taking on clients                                                                30 per session

Total cost of the AIR training                                       3750 + cost of supervision

Contact us to discuss a payment plan that suits you.

The full AIR training corresponds to 400 hours of training spread over 2 years,
plus as much supervision time as necessary until graduation.

It fulfils the prerequisites of:
- the British Rebirth Society (
- the Global Professional Breathwork Alliance ( and
- the International Breathwork Foundation (

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